I know I promised to publish a new post every 3 days and I didn’t and I apologize and I have no good excuse. Sorry. ^.^ Hope this post will make up for my broken promise.

Happy Valentine's Day + Whitney Houston Tribute Art

Whether you are paired up with someone or enjoying your singleness like me, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! ^_^ For those celebrating S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) happy? celebrating I guess. Let’s all have a mushy, cheeseball-filled day!

On a sadder note, we all have lost another amazing artist, R.I.P Ms. Whitney Houston, may you finally find the serenity you seemed to be looking for your whole life. Your music is a big part of my life’s soundtrack, When You Believe was a high school graduation song, I Will Always Love You is one of my fave karaoke songs even though I can’t sing, and One Moment In Time and Try It On My Own are songs I listen to when I need a confidence boost. And of course, Greatest Love of All is my first ever favorite song (my parents have another song in mind though), back then I didn’t get the meaning of the song but I loved it because the song made me feel empowered and strong and happy. Thank you. ^_^

For those interested in calligraphy, the above piece is supposed to be a something-worth-displaying-on-people’s-walls kind of art. I used a combination of different alphabet styles. Neuland (greatest), a contemporary calligraphic hand based on a typeface designed by Rudolf Koch. This style is quite easy to follow, I just need a little practice and I think I can perfect it. Gothicized Italic (the, of, all, is), a relatively modern hand developed by Edward Johnston that combines both Blackletter and Italic alphabets. This was harder for me since I’m not used to writing in a slanted angle. Uncial (inside, of), a style I used on my first post which I still need to practice on. The words love and me are all freestyle. I’m planning on developing a style uniquely me so I’m trying different techniques. Hope you guys like this and take note that I am new to calligraphy and I know I still have a LOT to work on. Your all welcome to leave me suggestions on how I can get better. Thanks in advance. ^_^

So let’s enjoy this day and this bumpy ride called life!

P.S Sorry for the misspelled word. I want to redo it but I don’t have time. I promise to not have spelling errors on my next works. =D


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This Is It!


My life is turning ugly and I had to find a way to cope. I am deluding myself into believing that making beautiful art through Calligraphy can make my life beautiful or at least better. I KNOW that life is hard and I honestly will not choose a life of pure joy and without its share of hardships. But as we grow older, problems get bigger and harder to bear. So to cope… I choose Calligraphy. Way healthier than denial and drugs, right? I am just new to Calligraphy but I am posting my “artworks” and other thoughts on this blog.

One of my first attempts at Calligraphy.

So, this is one of my first attempts at beautiful handwriting. I used the alphabet style Uncial, a rounded, majuscule (written in capitals) lettering derived from Roman capitals. I should have started with an easier style, maybe Monoline, but this lettering is more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. I used Artline Calligraphy Pen 4.0 to write the letters. Ready-to-use calligraphy pens can be found at your local bookstore, I found mine at National Book Store, these ready-to-use calligraphy pens are a cheaper alternative to nibs and inks. Good for newbies like me. Obviously, I need more practice but I think I did pretty good for a first-timer, right?

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Do leave comments and suggestions. I will try to add a new post every 3 days so come on back.

Thanks ^_^ Let’s enjoy this bumpy ride called life!

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